Visa procedures

The government of Tajikistan has made it very easy to obtain visa procedures for foreigners. Most citizens of foreign countries need a visa to visit Tajikistan.  Today, you can get your visa online by visiting following website: www.mfa.tj/en/ (ministry of foreign affairs). You must fill up the required application procedures.
a) Do not forget to mention GBAO permit (special permit to enter Pamirs) while filling the application.
b) Do not forget to bring a hard copy of the online visa
Travel Information
There are two International Airports near by the Pamirs.
·         Dushanbe International Airport (Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan)
·         Osh International Airport (second largest city in south-Kyrgyzstan)
Depending on your tour itinerary, either Pamirs or Tien-Shan region, please ask for recommendation regarding the convenient and closest airport to begin your journey. 
Preferred airport is - Osh International Airport in Kyrgyzstan.
Recommended Airlines:
Turkish Airlines, Somon air, Aeroflot, Tajikistan Airlines, Kyrgyzstan Airlines, Pegasus Asia
 Overland (along the Pamir Highway):
             -From Osh / Kyrgyzstan: the route up from Osh through Sary Tash and the Kizil Art pass is the fastest route into the Eastern Pamir.
             -From Dushanbe: this route takes you through the Western Pamirs and Khorog.