Journey from Alai Range via Batrang to Dushanbe : 

Type of tour: Roaming in the pristine nature and the magnificent scenery. 10 days through the remote area - far from roads - motor noise and civilization. Immerse yourself in the Pamiri culture with its friendliest hospitalityThis tour takes you from Osh Fergan Valley to Alai valley, Sary Mogol village and all away to Bartang Valley in Pamirs and to Dushanbe Tajikistan. This tour is designed for the customs of special interests such as more travel in Bartang valley, either hike or jeep ride from village to village. In addition, the tour highlights Jalang Summer pasture where we meet Kyrgyz nomads and stay in their traditional yurtas. The elevation reaches 3000 in Allai valley, then it goes up over 4000 in Kara Kul, then it drops down below 2000 in western end of the Bartang valley.

Osh, Alai Range, Sary Mogol, Kara Kul, Jalan Summer Pasture, Bartang valley, Rushan district, Kalaikum to Dushanbe.

Estimate Duration: 15 days of travel starts from Osh continues to Bartang valley of Pamirs, one the greatest valley and continues to Dushanbe. The tour promotes 5 days of hiking in Bartan but this could also be done by jeep.

Group size: unrestricted

Notice: Due to the road conditions, the Bartang valley will be open only in July and August.

Itinerary 8

Day 1                                    Osh (Kyrgyzstan)

Visit the Jayma Bazaar one of Central Asia's best markets and the center of the city: We visit also the Takht-i-Suleiman, "Suleiman's Throne" where there is an interesting Historical Cultural Museum and the Silk Road Museum. Lunch in a Chaikhana (tea house). We will stay in Osh city, Hotel (BLD).

Day 2                                    Sary Mogol village over norther Alai Range

Via beautiful Alay Valley we will driver over the Taldyk Pass (3615m) for an unforgettable adventure. Stop on the way for lunch. Our todays destination is Sary Mogol village, during the soviet times the fodder collection resulted creation of a village. The village has been the center for tourism since the end of Soviet Union. Its location, Lenin Peak(7134m), Trance Alai Range, entry point to China via Irkeshtam and the Pamirs on the other side, makes it cross road village today. From here the natural scenery of Pamir Alay range is spectacular. We stay in Alai valley, Yurt Stay (BLD).

Day 3                                    Sary Mogul Kara Kul (Tajikistan)

Overland border Bor Dobo. After the 20km no mans land between Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan, we cross at the Kyzyl Pass (4282m) the Tajik border post. The landscape and people are completely changed as we go higher into the Pamir. The terrain here is becoming barren and rocky. Nomadic Kyrgyz herders inhabit this region. Will make a picnic on the way. Spend the night in very friendly Kyrgyz mans place by the lake of name of the lake, Home stay (BLD).

Day 4                                    Jalang Summer Pasture in Kara Kul

Today we will be introduced to the land of Pamir Kyrgyz yak herders. The wonderful landscape dominates our trekking drive to Jalang. Southwest of Karakul are several interesting sites including the petroglyphs. Hiking on the pastures of Jalang in the Kokuy-Bel valley. Picnic on the way. Overnight in Kyrgyz nomads, Yurt (BLD).

Day 5                                    Hike or Drive in Bartang Valley

Today we have both possibilities of walking or driving. Distance of 50km further takes you to the geometric Saka tombs of Shorolu, solar calendar, dating as far back as the second millennium B.C. After reachin the Kok Jar Pass, from here we will start walking down to the wonderful peaceful Bartang Valley Overnight in Ghudara, Traditional Pamir House (BLD).

Day 6                                     Hike or Drive to Roshorv        

As it was said, the tour could be organized in trekking or by car in Bartagn. The people of Bartang has on traditional way of using ecological calendars. Today the region attracts scholars in the field of climate change to solve how to anticipate climate change. Close look at their daily life reveals interesting stories such as ecological calendars. Traditional Pamir House (BLD).

Day 7                                    Hike or Driving to Basit

Today continue our journey down to the western end of the valley. We have both possibilities of hike or driver in these area. Depending on our mood, we visit to Basit area. Today we enjoy the scenery and hospitality of Bartangi people, Traditional Pamir House (BLD).

Day 8                                   Hike or Driving to Sponji

We continue hiking or driving down to Sponji village. The Pamir house symbolical reach for identification. Each pillar represents and maintains history of influences such as Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Islam. Five pillars represent the family of prophet Muhamad where Ali, takes special attention. 2 pillars of sky window represent 4 element of life, fire, water, sky and earth. More in Ismailims (Shia Islam) there more than 40 prophets and they are also represented in pillar of Pamir House, Traditional Pamir House (BLD).

Day 9                                    Drive along wild Bartang River

Today we drive along wild Bartang river. Walk up to around 4 and driver to the remote Geisiev Valley Meeting Pamiri people stunning mountains and lake views. Drive to Yemts of the Rushan and check in home, Homestay (BLD).

Day 10                                    Walk & drive to Kalaikum  

Today we leave Pamir region. Next to the river (Oxus or Amu) lies Afghanistan. We will witness many afghan settlements on the other side of the river. Having lunch in a traditional tea house we drive to Kalaikum, a town before our next destination Dushanbe. Enjoy the hospitality in Kalaikum, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 11                                               Drive to Kulob

Once again landscape of the valley is amazing and close to the Panj river (Amu Daria). Stop at the mausoleum of Shaih Said Hamadony and bazaar Overnight in Kulob. The interesting visit in Kulob is the market that it very typical in Central Asia Fergana valley. The breat that is made in local tandoors is so nice too. On the way we will visit Hulbuk, 10th century Silk Road city. We experience the hospitality of Kulob today, Hotel (BLD).

Day 12                                               Drive to Dushanbe

There is short drive to Dushanbe today. The landscapes totally change in these region. Before the capital city, you will see various villages including the village of the president. On the way we will the largest water reserve of Tajikistan. During the Soviet times the dam of Nurek was constructed. The city of Dushanbe is extremely nice after long journey in Pamirs. We stay and enjoy the high walk in Dushanbe, Hotel (BLD).

Day 15                                               Good bye Pamirs, Tajikistan

We hope you had a wonderful time in the Pamirs. Today you will fly back to your country. We are always glad to have you back in the Pamirs again. Have a good flight back to motherland.

Items to bring with you

         Sleeping bag

         Silk sleeping bag

         Mattress Term-a-rest

         Rain gear

         Dawn jacket

         Water bottle


         trekking socks

         Sun hat


         Sun glasses

         Sun cream with high protection - lipstick


         Flashlight or headlamp

         Water purification

         Personal medical kit


         Solar panel

Temperatures: please note that there can be large variations in temperatures. In daytime it can be very hot and a thin layer of clothing will be comfortable but long sleeves protect you from the sun rays. At night it can be cold so a layered approach is best. Predicting temperatures is very hard but they could range between 5C and + 25C. Rainfall in the Pamirs at this time of year is not expected but dust storms are. Please take a waterproof layer just in case.

Price & date on request