Fan Mountains via Pamirs

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The tour description

Title of the tour:                                               Fan Mountains via Pamirs            

Type of tour:   This tour is designed such that it allows quick look at Pamirs starting from Osh via Allai valley. Having conducted jeep adventure we shall visit Zaravshan mountains where we have 3 days of trek in Fan Mountains. The tour ends in Dushanbe having adventure in Fan Mountains.

Major Destinations: Osh, Sary Mogol, Kara Kul, Murgab, Khorog, Kalaikumb, Dushanbe, Zimtut, Kali Kalon, Alaudin lake Vertikal alpinist camp – Marguzor, Iskendar Kul lake, back to Dushnabe.

Estimate Duration: 12 days in total, 9 days in of jeep tours from Osh to Dushanbe via Khorog and Murgab and drive north to Fan Mountains 3 days of trekking and end the tour in Dushanbe.

Group size: unrestricted

Notice: Best season to visit these areas is May to October.

Itinerary 14

Day 1                                   Osh - Sary Mogol

In the morning city tour in Osh, including Suleiman Too sacred mountain, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have lunch in Osh and then depart on a scenic route over a few passes to the village Sary Mogol, from where you will have a stunning view of the Pamir Alay range with Peak Lenin (7,100m). Total drive is 5 hours to Sary Mogol village, overnight at the foothills of trance-Alai range, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 2                                    Kara Kul – Murghab (Tajikistan)

Pamir Guides will meet you at the Kyzyl Pass (4282m) the Tajik border post. The landscape and people are completely changed as we go higher into the Pamir. The terrain here is becoming barren and rocky. Stop at Kara kul lake. Lunch. Drive north over Akbaital pass (4655). Today we drive 235 km in 5 hours. Highest point of the journey. On the way turn to Rang kul lake. Visit Rang kul lake and drive to Murghab, Hotel Pamirs (BLD).

Day 3                                    Murghab - Alichor - Langar

From Murghab we continue our trip on the way to Langar. The terrain here is desolate but grandiose on the way visit Shakhty rock paintings (4200). Three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal. This representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art. It dates (8000-5000 B.C.). Pic-nic. Via geizer Futher visit to Bulunkul lake and Yashil kul lake and drive to Langar over the pass Kargush (4344). Total distance is 276 km over 8 hours with short stops. Today we drive through wild and superb scenery, drive the Wakhan Corridor from Murghab via Langar to Yamg. alongside the Pamir river which forms the border with Afghanistan, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 4                                    Langar - Ishakshim - Khorog

Drive towards the Wakhan corridor. Today we drive through wild and superb scenery of total distance 260 km 8 hours, alongside the Pianj river which forms the border with Afghanistan. There are a number of these ancient fortresses in the area, and we also visit Yamchun fort, perhaps the most impressive of them. We take a break at the Bibi Fatima hot springs, named for the Prophet Mohammed’s sister and where local women believe they can increase their fertility. Continuing on we then stop at the 4th Century Buddhist stupas at Vrang, reminders of the ancient pilgrim caravans that passed through the region. Name of the river will change. Visit Kah-Kaa and Yamchoon fortresses, Sufi Muborakqadam Museum and solar calendar. After Istohakhim long drive to Garmchasma hot springs for an (optional) dip in the waters. From here, we enter the Tajik half of the Wakhan Valley (shared with Afghanistan) and pass regional gem mines mentioned by Marco Polo. Lunch or pic – nic along the way. In Khorog we stay in the relative luxury Hotel. Khorog is the capital of the Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO). Eventual visit of bazaar and Botanical Garden, one of the highest in the world, 2800 m. Khorog is a small town that at various times has been under the control of Russia, the Emirate of Bukhara and Afghanistan. The Russians built a fort here in the Soviet era, with Khorog being in a highly strategic location on the border with Afghanistan. The Aga Khan Foundation contributes to the bulk of the local economy. Homestay (BLD).

Day 5                                    Khorog – Kalaikum - 260 km - 7,8 hrs / Jeep

Drive to Kalaikum along the Panj river of 260 km 7 hours with short stops for picture. After Vanj valley we will finish the Pamir region. On the way you will see many different villages. Views of the valley are amazing. Lunch in a Chaikana. Overnight in Kalaikumb, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 6                                    Kalaikum – Kulob – Dushanbe

Transfer to Kulob excellent views to Dushanbe, 360 km 9 hours of jeep ride. We will stop for photos shooting and a picnic. Visiting a small museum in Hulbuk before Kulob after that continue to the town mausoleum of Sheikh Said- Hamadoni dating from the first Islam period. Transfer to Kalaikum. The breathtaking landscape along the Panj river (Amu Darya). Across the river: Afghanistan. We will drive along the river, having picnic in the pristine nature, Hotel (BLD).

Day 7                                    Dushanbe - ZIMTUT

Moving toward Zimtut village of 207 km or 6 hours of ride. The road is very scenic, passing over Anzob pass (3373 m) (tunnel) and needs (with lunch stop), about 6-8 hours. The accommodation in Zimtut, Homestay (BLD).

Day 8                                     ZIMTUT – Kuli Kalon

(Trekking day 1) Walking Radial tour around the lakes, to the Mutnoe lake (3400m) and to the highest peak of Fan Mountains - Chimtarga (5489m) 5 hours of walk. The passage is easy cross the pass Zurmech 3200m, and it takes about 3 hours. On the way you can see a small but extremely beautiful Piala lake with clear water. Night at the camping in Kuli kalon lake, Tent (BLD).

Day 9                                    Kuli kalon - Vetical alpinist camp

(Trekking day 2) From Kuli kalon to Chukurak lake on the cross the alaudin pass 3860 of 5 hours of walk. The camp sets up on the shore of Big Alaudin lake (2700 m) or on the territory of alpinist camps "Vertical"., Tent (BLD).

Day 10                Alaudin lake Vertikal alpinist camp - Marguzor

(Semi trekking day 3) From Marguzor to Sarorot drive, on the way will see beautifull valley. From Marguzor moving toward Iskanderkul Lake (2195m) for 3 hours, Tent (BLD).

Day 11                                               Sarotok - Iskender kul - Dushanbe -

Today we end our journey and move toward Dushanbe stop at Iskanderkul Lake (2195m) of 165 km or 6 hrs of ride. Excursion to the waterfall (45m) and Snake Lake. Seiling on the boad of the Iskanderkul lake and accmodation in Dushanbe, Hotel BLD).

Day 12                                               Good bye Pamirs, Tajikistan

We hope you had a wonderful time in the Pamirs. Today you will fly back to your country. We are always glad to have you back in the Pamirs again. Have a good flight back to motherland.

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