Horseback in Pamir Allai and the Pamirs of Tajikistan


Horseback in Pamir Allai and the Pamirs of Tajikistan

Type of tour:This tour offers horse ride in Alai valley of Kyrgyzstan and the rest of the tour is done by jeep in the Pamirs, Tajikistan.  This tour offers Shaimak area, which borders with Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. It is the last village and remotest area of Tajikistan. In addition, the tour begins in Osh (the second city in Kyrgyzstan) and end in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.  

Major Destinations:Osh, SaryMogol, Kara Kul, Murgab, Shaimak, JartyGumbez, BulunKul, YashilKul, Wakhan valley, Ishkashim, Khorog, Kalaikym and Ishkashim.

Estimate Duration:14 days of total tour, 2 days of horse ride in Alai valley, the rest of the days involve landscaping with jeep 4x4WD.

Group size: unrestricted

Notice: Best  season to visit April to September.



Day 1Osh-SaryMogul (Kyrgyzstan)

Today we drive from Osh to SaryMoogul village, via beautiful Alay ranges and over the Taldyk Pass (3615m). We will stop for a lunch in between. Once we pass the village of SaryTash, the natural scenery of Pamir Alay range is spectacular. You could even seein a close distance LeninPeak (7134m). Today we have to acclimatize to the climate and enjoy the SaryMogul village, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 2Horse Ride in SaryMogul Lenin peak

Today is going to be promising day and we start slowly begin. A horse ride from Sary Mogul to base camp to Lenin Peak range (AchikTash). These open valleys are beautiful. The valley where the base camp located is called Tyiyk valley, at the foot hills of trance Alai Range. There many nomadic herders living in the lower plans of the peak Lenin. We will overnight in yurt camp, Yurt Stay(BLD).

Day 3   Horse RideLenin peak Kashka Su

A horse ride from Lenin peak to Kashka Suu, little drive from Kashka Suu to Sary mogul. Today is our last day before we visit Tajikistan. You may drink Kyrgyz traditional Kumiz, fermented horse milk. It is like local nomadic drink but subsidizes as alcohol. After enjoying the landscapes and the day in Alai valley, we overnight back in Sary Mogul, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 4Sark Mogul Kara Kul (Tajikistan)

Today we slowly start driving from Sary-Mogul to Karkul lake, in Pamir Mountains. We will reach the Kyrgyz border BorDobo. There is gap 20km no mans land in between Kyrgyz and Tajik borders. After we cross the Kyzyl Pass (4282m), the Tajik border post, the landscape will be completely changed. As we go higher into the Pamir, the terrain will become barren and rocky. Nomadic Kyrgyz herders inhabit this region. Spend the night in very friendly home stay in Karakul by the lake. Same day afternoon you may visit to the lake to have a short and relaxed walk. We stay in Kara Kul village, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 5Kara kul Murghab (3600m)

Drive north over Akbaital pass (4655). Highest point of the journey and the scenery is spectacular over the pass. On the way will see very several old ruins of Pamir Post, which used to be the first Russian military bases during the Imperial times of late 19th century. There will be long jeep rive from here until Rang Kul lake. We will have a short walk around the lake of Shor Kul. Many wild birds fly around the lake Shor Kul such as gulls, geese, and others.  Then, we leave to Murgab, which 60 km far. We stay in Murgab, Hotel Pamirs(BLD).


Day 6Murghab - Shaymak (4000m)

Today we will have a short city tour in Murgab and we will visit Lenins stature. We can even see the ruins of Soviet airport which is located over 3500 meters. These historical city tour will help us to grasp of Soviet Modernization of Pamir mountains and learn more about the history. Then, we will drive from Murghab to Shaimak, far village in the corner of east Tajikistan. On the way will see Mus-Takata peak 7000m in Chinese territory. We stay in Shaimak village, Homestay (BLD).

Day 7Shaiymak - Sheshtobo - Jartygumbez, (4100m)

Drive from Shaimak to JartyJartygumbez via Toktomush. Toktomush is another small village. The landscapes of Toktomush area is like the Wild West. The terrain here is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. On the way will see some yurts with the nomadic herders, yaks, goats and sheep.We will stop for a short stop in order to have some tea with local peoples. The final destination today is the hot springs in JartyGumbez. We will enjoy natural hot tub Jacuzzi. Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 8Jratygumbez Bulunkul lake (3800m)

The terrain here is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. On the way to Bashgubes village, 9km from the main road, you will see very old China's tomb. Alichor valley is extremely beautiful pastoral valley.Exactly here the Soviet collection toke place and nomads were settled into Soviet Socialist Villages. Once we reach the Bulunkul and Yashilkul Lakes, we will have a walk around. The landscapes of the both of lake and mountains are amazing. After we visit a geyser and an early Islamic mausoleum. We overnight in BulunKul village, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 9Bulunkul Langar (2500m)

Early in themorning,we drive to the Wakhan Corridor from Bulunkul to Langar over the pass Kargush (4344). Today we leave Eastern Pamirs and look forward seeing lowland Western Pamirs. Here the landscape will completely change as we drive down through Kargush pass to lower elevations. Western Pamirs offer unique social, cultural and environmental landscapes.  Here we will reach the mouth of the giant Wakhan valley, which serves as Tajik- Afghan border. On the other side lies Hindukush Mountains in Afghanistan territory. We will stay in Langar Village, first village of Wakhan valley. Here we will see the source of  Oxus river, the valley of five rivers up-ahead of Langar village,  Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 10                        Langar Yamchun- Ishkashim (2400)

Today we will start exploring theWakhan valley. There are several places of interests. Above the village of Vrang, on a cliff-side pitted with caves, stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th-7th centuries. At Yamg, we visit the reconstructed house of Sufi mystic MuabaraKadam, who died in 1910. Near his house, there is a stone pillar with a hole, in which he used to calculate a solar calendar. After that we move to the next Zoroastrian "Fortress of Fire Worshippers" Further up the hillside are the hot springs at Bibi Fatima, minerals and very silty, the water at Bibi Fatima is crystal clear. On top of Yamchun we will admire the Khakha Fortress, dating from the third century B C and rising from a platform of natural rock. Just 300m further on is the interesting Ismailimazar (tomb) of Shah-i-MardanHazrati Ali. After that, we continue to Ishkashim, Guesthouse (BLD).

Day 11                                   IshkashimKhorog(2400)

Today we look forward driving to Khorog, the historical capital of GBAO region. It will take us about 5 hours.On the way stop for hot springs ofGarm-e-Chasma. We stay good bye to the Wakhan valley, where the 19th century Great Game ended, between the Russian and British empires. From here, the road continues up along the north side of the river. There are amazing views of the Pamirs and Afghanistan. We will stop along the way for a scenic picnic and stay in Khorog, Traditional Pamir House(BLD).

Day 12                                   Khorog Khalaikum (1400m)

We are coming to the end our wonderful journey in Pamir Mountains. There will be a long drive from Khorog to Kalaikum along the Panjriver. After Vanj valley, we say, see you again to the Pamirs. On the way you will see many different villages. On the other side of the famous Oxus River, we will see Afghan communities and villages. Views of the valley are amazing. Lunch in a Chaikana (tea house). We will stay in Kalaikum, Guesthouse (BLD).


Day 13                                   Kalikum Dushanbe (500m)

Transfer from Kalaikum to Dushanbe through Kulob. Excellent views. We will stop for photos shooting. We will also visit of Hulbuk, a 10th century silk road fort. This fort was renovated. In addition, once we enter the Dushanbe area, again we enter to the land of Tajiks (Persians).  Breathtaking landscape along the Panj river (Amu Darya). We will drive along the river and having picnic in the pristine nature, we will arrive in Dushanbe late evening, Guesthouse(BLD). 


Day 14                                               Good bye Pamirs, Tajikistan

We hope you had a wonderful time in the Pamirs. Today you will fly back to your country. We are always glad to have you back in the Pamirs again. Have a good flight back to motherland.

Items to bring with you


         Sleeping bag

         Silk sleeping bag

         Mattress Term-a-rest

         Rain gear

         Dawn jacket

         Water bottle


         trekking socks

         Sun hat


         Sun glasses

         Sun cream with high protection - lipstick


         Flashlight or headlamp

         Water purification

         Personal medical kit


         Solar panel

Temperatures: please note that there can be large variations in temperatures. In daytime it can be very hot and a thin layer of clothing will be comfortable but long sleeves protect you from the sun rays. At night it can be cold so a layered approach is best. Predicting temperatures is very hard but they could range between 5C and + 25C. Rainfall in the Pamirs at this time of year is not expected but dust storms are. Please take a waterproof layer just in case.

Price & date on request