Pamir Tours & Trekking

 Tajikistan tours will introduce you to the only Persian-speaking state in Central Asia with its unique culture and traditions. This beautiful country with severe climate, situated in picturesque foothills of Pamir is located far from Eurasian transport routes. Modern Tajikistan has been formed under the influence of ancient customs of the Iranians, Persians, Islam, neighboring Uzbekistan and Soviet Russia.

The major part of the population occupies the northern even lands of Tajikistan. Two the largest and most developed cities of the country are Dushanbe and Khujand. In the southeastern part of Tajikistan, people who live in arduous mountain settlements strictly follow ancient customs and Zoroastrian rites even now. Moreover, Islamic traditions are also thoroughly applied there.

Represents an interesting tourist destination in Central Asia. The infrastructure for tourism is not developed yet, that is why travelers do not have high expectations on comfortable stay choosing tours in Tajikistan. However, picturesque scenery, hospitable people and breath-taking nature well compensates lack of comfort.
Tajikistan tours are great for those who appreciate active and adventure tourism, eco and ethno-tourism, alpinism, mountain hikes, combined with hunting, rafting, paragliding, and wild nature photograph

Tajiks are one of the most ancient nations of the world. Life in area situated at the main crossroads of eastern civilizations has given them continuous access to the achievements of other cultures. First settlement on the territory of today's Tajikistan date back to the end of upper Paleolithic period (15-20 thousand years ago). Archaeological finds, the works of Herodotus and other written evidence provide information on trading relations, customs, and rituals of the nation. For many centuries the country, involved mainly in trading with neighbors suffered from foreign invasions by the troops of Alexander the Great, steppe nomads, Arabs and Tatar-Mongols.